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Enya Engine 09 R/C Engine with Silencer

Enya 09-IV cross flow engine, with R/C air bleed throttle carb A great beginners engine at a low price

We recommend 7x6 or 8 x 4 propeller and an Enya Number 3 plug in general running. Enya always quote useful BHP and RPM figures, in tests this engine always perfomed better than the factory stated figures !

The first engine Steve Webb ever bought with his own pocket money was an aero Enya 09 engine. The engine he bought is over 30 years old an still runs first flick after hundred of hours and many years use.Enya Engines last . What more can we say ?

Displacement 1.62 cc

Bore 13.00 mm

Stroke 12.2 mm

Weight 112 g

Useful RPM 2,500 to 14,000

Power : 0.16 HP

Recommed Use : Small sports or trainer aeroplane

Supplied with silencer, no plug


£59.99 Each
Buy online at
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