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Mantua Model Boat Kits

Many products can be purchased online at our web store
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17 Products Found
  Make & Model Description Price
pMantua Model
730 Venice Motor Boat
Venice motor boat 730 Scale 1:28 Length 830mm. This is an accurate reproduction ...[learn more] £294.99
pMantua Model
736 Bruma Cabin Cruiser 1:43 Scale
Bruma 736 Scale 1:45 Length 860mm. This is a lovely scale reproduction of an oce...[learn more] £239.99
pMantua Model
753 Trotamares Motor Schooner
Trotamares 753 Scale 1:43 Length 800mm. The Trotamares was built in Spain in 195...[learn more] £239.99
pMantua Model
774 Endeavour
Endeavour 774 Scale 1:60 Length 810mm. This ship was originally built as a colli...[learn more] £214.99
pMantua Model
720 H.M.S. Victory 1:200
Overview Specifications Overview This new victory kit, the four...[learn more] £139.99
pMantua Model
704 Mincio
Mincio 704 Scale 1:20 Length 450mm. This is a reproduction of a typical inboard ...[learn more] £124.99
pMantua Model
755 Pinta
Mantua Model (755) PintaPinta 755 Scale 1:50 Length 780mm. The Pinta together wi...[learn more] £119.99
pMantua Model
732 Le Madeline 1:50
This is a French wooden fishing boat of Cacale,from the first years of 20th. cen...[learn more] £119.99
pMantua Model
756 Nina Caravel of Columbus 1:50
Overview Specifications Overview Nina was a classic caravel wit...[learn more] £119.99
pMantua Model
793 HMS Racehorse Bomb Ketch 1:47
Racehorse 793 Scale 1:47 Length 590mm. Originally a ketch, this ship was strengt...[learn more] £114.99
pMantua Model
792 HMS President 1:60
The HMS President is a fine model of a typical light frigate built in Britain in...[learn more] £114.99
pMantua Model
791 Thermopylae English Clipper of 1868
Overview Specifications Overview Small-scale reproduction of the ...[learn more] £104.99
pMantua Model
700 Police Boat
This Model Police Boat 700 is a Scale of 1:35 Length 400mm.This police motor boa...[learn more] £49.99
pMantua Model
600 Bruma Motor Unit
Bruma 600 motor unit. This motor has been designed for the Bruma kit; it allows ...[learn more] £49.99
pMantua Model
702 Amalfi
This Mediterranean fishing boat is one of a set of small boats designed for the ...[learn more] £49.99
pMantua Model
701 Capri
This motor yacht is one of a set of small boats designed for the non-experienced...[learn more] £49.99
pMantua Model
601 Venice Motor Boat Motor Unit
This motor has been designed for the Venetian motor boat kit. The kit includes t...[learn more] £44.99
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