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Mini Mamoli Model Boat Kits

Many products can be purchased online at our web store
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15 Products Found
  Make & Model Description Price
pMini Mamoli
Golden Hind 1:110
Overview The galleon Golden Hind set out in 1577 under Sir Franci...[learn more] £69.99
pMini Mamoli
USS Constitution 1:330
Overview U.S.S.Constitution, American frigate with 54 guns, was l...[learn more] £64.99
pMini Mamoli
HMS Bounty 1:135
Overview The name of Bounty, a frigate of the British Navy, is pe...[learn more] £59.99
pMini Mamoli
Santa Maria 1:125
Overview What were the ships of the great discovery of the New Wo...[learn more] £59.99
pMini Mamoli
HMS Beagle 1:135
Overview H.M.S. Beagle was built around 1817. Class: barque. Leng...[learn more] £59.99
pMini Mamoli
Captain Morgan 1:135
Overview It was the typical brig of the XVII century, whose name ...[learn more] £59.99
pMini Mamoli
Gozzo Mediteraneo 1:28
Overview We named Mediterraneo our Gozzo with lateen sail because...[learn more] £59.99
pMini Mamoli
Mississippi Riverboat 1:206
Overview This is a beautiful model of a typical American steamboa...[learn more] £59.99
pMini Mamoli
Flying Fish 1:100
Overview The Flying Fish, launched in the middle of 1800, was a f...[learn more] £59.99
pMini Mamoli
Black Queen 1:135
Overview Many stories and legends tell of great sea battles durin...[learn more] £59.99
pMini Mamoli
Shamrock 1:170
Overview Sir Thomas Lipton is considered to be the most tenacious...[learn more] £59.99
pMini Mamoli
HMS Endeavour 1:143
Overview James Cook in 1728 as the son of a farmer. Over a number...[learn more] £54.99
pMini Mamoli
Cutty Sark 1:240
Overview The Cutty Sark was, in 1869, one of the last sailing cli...[learn more] £54.99
pMini Mamoli
Britannia 1:177
Overview Britannia was built for King Edward VII. It is considere...[learn more] £54.99
pMini Mamoli
Bluenose Schooner 1:160
Overview The schooner Bluenose has a very special place in the hi...[learn more] £54.99
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