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Model Shipways Model Boat Kits

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17 Products Found
  Make & Model Description Price
pModel Shipways
Charles. W. Morgan Whaling Bark
Overview Specifications Overview During her 80 years and 37 voy...[learn more] £379.99
pModel Shipways
Niagara US Brig (1813)
Overview Features Specifications Overview Commodore Oliver Haz...[learn more] £349.99
pModel Shipways
Armed Virginia Sloop (1768)
Overview Features Specifications Overview Privateers were priv...[learn more] £269.99
pModel Shipways
Pride of Baltimore II
Overview Specifications Overview Virginia-built schooners first...[learn more] £249.99
pModel Shipways
Rattlesnake Privateer (1780)
Overview Specifications Overview The privateer Rattlesnake was...[learn more] £239.99
pModel Shipways
Gunboat Philadelphia (1776)
Overview Features Specifications Overview True plank on frame ...[learn more] £199.99
pModel Shipways
Glad Tidings Pinky Schooner (1937)
Overview Specifications Overview Originating in 16th century Eu...[learn more] £199.99
pModel Shipways
USN Picket Boat No.1 (1864) 1:24
Overview Specifications Overview Picket Boat Number One, a steam ...[learn more] £179.99
pModel Shipways
Emma C. Berry Lobster Smack
Overview Specifications Overview The Emma C. Berry was built i...[learn more] £179.99
pModel Shipways
21 Foot English Pinnace (1750-1760)
Overview The pinnace was a lightly built, carvel planked boat. De...[learn more] £69.99
pModel Shipways
18th Century Longboat
Overview The longboat was the largest boat aboard an 18th century...[learn more] £62.99
pModel Shipways
Fair-A-Frame Building Slip
Overview Fair-A-Frame's two parallel guides hold the keel while y...[learn more] £49.99
pModel Shipways
Ropewalk Scale Rope Making Tool
Overview The Ropewalk turns ordinary thread into realistic 3-stra...[learn more] £49.99
pModel Shipways
Hull Planking Vice
Overview Speciality clamps and vice designed exclusively for buil...[learn more] £49.99
pModel Shipways
Waterline Marker
Overview A quick and easy way to get a straight line on your hull...[learn more] £11.99
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