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19 Products Found
  Make & Model Description Price
15 Aero Engine
Ref: 4480040 AP15 AERO ENGINE - An affordable small engine that packs a a real p...[learn more] £53.99
pEnya Engine
180X-GS Petrol Engine
Enya 180X-GS Petrol Engine EngineThe Enya 180X-GS is an innovative gasoline engi...[learn more] £599.99
pEnya Engine
15CX TN RC Engine
Overview For small size sport plane. Includes muffler (M154). Glow plug not inc...[learn more] £124.99
pEnya Engine
Specifications Muffler: M251 Scavenging: Schnuerle Bearing: Plain Cylinder...[learn more] £124.99
pEnya Engine
SS25EX S Control Line Engine
Specifications P/No.: EA31151 Bore x Stroke (mm): 17.8 x 16.4 Displacement ...[learn more] £119.99
pEnya Engine
15CX Stunt Control Line Engine
Overview For Small size C/L Air plane, comes with muffler (M154), but without g...[learn more] £114.99
52 ABC Aero Engine (8.52cc)
Overview Features Specifications Overview R/C flyers adore engin...[learn more] £112.50
46 ABC Aero Engine (7.45cc)
Overview Features Specifications Overview R/C flyers adore engin...[learn more] £89.99
120 AX Ring with E5020 Sil.
The distinctive shape is hard to ignore, and with peak power of 3.1PS at 9000RPM...[learn more] £304.99
95 AX
The 95AX is another popular-sized engine in the AX series that's famous for prov...[learn more] £295.99
75 AX
O.S. Max 75AX w/E-4020 Sil.The third engine in the new `AX' range of high perfor...[learn more] £245.99
65AX w/E-4010A Silencer
Overview Specifications Overview Designed as a replacement for the lon...[learn more] £214.99
50 SX H Hyper
O.S. Max 50SZ-H Ring HyperThe best '50-class' engine on the market just became a...[learn more] £199.99
MAX 25FX II with 892 Silencer
Overview Specifications Overview The O.S. Engine 25FX II is a hig...[learn more] £189.99
MAX 35AX w/E-3080 Silencer
O.S. (L-OS13100) MAX 35AX w/E-3080 SilencerDesigned specifically for light-weigh...[learn more] £162.99
55 AX with 3020 Sil.
The latest Max 55AX shares its dramatic and unique styling with the highly succe...[learn more] £158.99
18 CV RX
O.S. Max 18CV-RXA powerful side-exhaust motor of 3.0 cc capacity for 1:10 scale ...[learn more] £139.99
46AX II w/E-3071
O.S. Max Ref: L-OS15490 46AX II w/E-3071 SilencerThe OS Max 46AX II is a high pe...[learn more] £135.99
15 LA SILVER with 871 Sil.
Compact yet very powerful, the new Max 15LA is the kind of engine that just gets...[learn more] £94.99
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