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18 Products Found
  Make & Model Description Price
pEnya Engine
53-4C Stunt Version
Enya Engine Code: EA81127 53-4C Stunt Version For larger sized Control Line aero...[learn more] £329.99
FF 320 Pegasus
O.S. FF-320 PegasusClosely following the design of many full-size light aircraft...[learn more] £2699.00
FT 160 Gemini
O.S. FT-160 GeminiThis is a larger bore version of the original FT120 Gemini –...[learn more] £1349.99
Overview The biggest engine in the 'Alpha' series has been designed with both ae...[learn more] £479.99
FSa-72 II with F Silencer
Overview Features Specifications Overview The O.S. FSa-72 II is ...[learn more] £439.99
FSa-56 II with F-4040 Silencer
Overview Specifications Overview Latest version of this popular s...[learn more] £379.99
FS-95V Ringed 4-Stroke
O.S. FS-95V Ringed 4-Stroke EngineThe new O.S. FS-95V has the multi-cylinder loo...[learn more] £363.99
FS-62V w/F-4050 Silencer
O.S. L-OS3-6—FS-62V Ringed Four Stroke EngineThe second engine in the new 'V' ...[learn more] £259.99
FA-200R3 3-Cylinder Radial Four-Stroke Glow Engine
Overview Features Specifications Overview Saito’s latest radial en...[learn more] £899.99
FA-120R3 3-Cylinder Radial Four-Stroke Glow Engine
Product FeaturesFA-120R3 is an upgrade from the FA-90R3.33% larger displacement ...[learn more] £498.99
FA-180B Four-Stroke Glow Engine
Overview Features Specifications Overview The FA-180B is a remod...[learn more] £449.99
FA-150B Four-Stroke Glow Engine
Saito FA-150B Single CylinderThe 150B will happily swing an APC 16 x 8 at 10,000...[learn more] £399.99
FA-125A Four-Stroke Glow Engine
Saito FA-125A Single CylinderWeighing in at just 615g, the FA-125 is the perfect...[learn more] £339.99
FA-100 Four-Stroke Glow Engine
Overview Want even more punch than even the FA-91S can offer? Then look no furt...[learn more] £324.99
FA-82b Four-Stroke Glow Engine
Saito FA-82B Single CylinderIn another example of Saito's ability to squeeze mor...[learn more] £265.99
FA-62B Four-Stroke Glow Engine
Overview Features Specifications Overview Packing 62 cubic inche...[learn more] £243.99
FA-40A Four-Stroke Glow Engine
Saito FA-40A Single Cylinder Glow EngineGive your 30-size aeroplane a real boost...[learn more] £224.99
FA-30S Four-Stroke Glow Engine
Extremely limited stocks available! The latest in a long line of Saito 30 eng...[learn more] £189.99
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