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14 Products Found
  Make & Model Description Price
pBob Smith
Teflon Capillary Tubing
Bob Smiths BSI305 Teflon TubingFine capillary tubing for controlled application ...[learn more] £2.25
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE45 Pin Flow Glue Applicator
Deluxe S-SE45 Pin Flow Glue Applicator - For when only the best will do for the ...[learn more] £13.99
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE23 Micro Balloons - 250 cc
What can we say about Micro Balloons that hasn't been said before? For those of ...[learn more] £11.99
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE73 Strip Magic 125ml
Deluxe Materials Strip Magic is formulated specifically for the removal of paint...[learn more] £11.50
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE06 Fibre Glass Wing Joining Kit
When you want the best - The Deluxe S-SE06 Fibre Glass Wing Joining Kit - Why le...[learn more] £9.50
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE98 Grime 2 Shine 225ml
Overview Features Specifications Overview Foaming cleaner that w...[learn more] £8.75
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE30A Roket Powder – 40g
An incredible filler powder for filling gaps and reinforcing joints. Simply appl...[learn more] £7.75
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE65 Pin Point Glue Syringe Kit
Deluxe Materials (S-SE65) Pin Point Glue Syringe KitPack of two 5ml dispensing s...[learn more] £7.50
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE19 Micro Tips for Cyno Applications
Deluxe S-SE19 Micro Tips (Pk6) and Teflon TubeA pack of six micro tips and a len...[learn more] £7.25
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE46 Pin Point Bottle Kit
Deluxe Materials S-SE46 Pin Point Bottle Kit is a small dispensing bottle for mi...[learn more] £6.99
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE47 Tacky Wax
Deluxe S-SE47 Tacky Wax – 28g is a temporary adhesive, for holding screws or b...[learn more] £5.99
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE60 Roket Re-Cap
Deluxe Materials (S-SE60) Roket Re-CapReplacement caps and tips to make your Rok...[learn more] £5.50
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE95 Sticky Mat Adhesive - 50ml
Overview Features Specifications Overview Sticky Mat Adhesive is...[learn more] £5.50
Cyno Gap Filler
It does what it says on the bottle! When you are building your latest creation ...[learn more] £1.99
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