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16 Products Found
  Make & Model Description Price
pBob Smith
Finish Cure Epoxy 4 1/2 oz
Great value – large 4 ½ oz (combined weight) epoxy. This is the slow cure 20 ...[learn more] £9.99
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE25 Aeropoxy – 300g
Unfortunately Royal Mail and the Parcel Carriers we currently use will not take ...[learn more] £22.50
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE51 Eze Kote Finishing Resin - 500ml
Deluxe S-SE51 Eze-Kote Finishing Resin - 500mlLaminating & Finishing Resin for b...[learn more] £19.50
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE64 Sand N Seal - 250ml
Deluxe Materials (S-SE64) Sand 'N Seal - 250mlA versatile wood grain sealer for ...[learn more] £10.99
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE53 EZE Dope 250ml
Eze Dope - 250ml Code S-SE53A safe, non-toxic alternative to the traditional fla...[learn more] £10.75
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE61 Foam Armour - 250ml
A thick water based resin that sets to produce an attractive, durable, scratch r...[learn more] £10.50
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE62 WonderFill - 240ml
An easy sanding, strong, lightweight filler designed to fill small gaps and inde...[learn more] £9.99
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE92 Body Armour - 60g
Deluxe Materials Body Armour is a highly flexible polymer adhesive specially des...[learn more] £9.60
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE32A Model Lite Lightweight Filler (Balsa) 240ml
Full Prouduct Title Deluxe S-SE32A Model Lite Lightweight Filler 240ml (Balsa Co...[learn more] £9.50
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE32 Model Lite Lightweight Filler (White) 240ml
Full Product Title Deluxe S-SE32 Model Lite Lightweight Filler 240mlModel Lite i...[learn more] £9.50
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE59 Perfect Plastic Putty - 40ml
Deluxe Ref: S-SE59 Perfect Plastic Putty 40mlFast drying superfine plastic fille...[learn more] £8.25
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE100 Looks Like Glass - 100ml
Overview Features Specifications Overview Looks Like Glass is a ...[learn more] £8.25
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE50 Tissue Paste - 50ml
Deluxe S-SE50 Tissue Paste - 50 ml - A modern formulation of a vintage classic F...[learn more] £7.75
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE68 Aerokote Make It Matt - 50ml
Converts Aerokote Gloss to satin or matt finish. A simple matting agent that bl...[learn more] £6.99
pDeluxe Materials
S-SE22 Aerokote & Flexikote Catalyst (10:1) - 15ml
Spare Part - NOT a complete adhesive - Deluxe S-SE22 Spare Catalyst (Aerokote) S...[learn more] £5.75
MD Super Filler Large 250ml
A superior quality, ultra lightweight wood grain and general filler. It's ready ...[learn more] £8.25
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