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Tower Pro Servos Great Prices

Many products can be purchased online at our web store
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23 Products Found
  Make & Model Description Price
pTower Pro
MG959 Servo - Full Metal Alloy Case & Horn
Overview Specifications Overview MG959 servo full metal alloy c...[learn more] £33.00
pTower Pro
MG959 Servo - Metal Alloy & Plasic Case
Overview Specifications Overview MG959 servo metal alloy case (...[learn more] £29.99
pTower Pro
MG938 Mini Servo
Specifications Weight: 31 g Dimension: 35.4*15.2*29.6 mm Stall torque: 2.9 ...[learn more] £21.99
pTower Pro
MG930 - E.P Heli Servo
MG930 digital with coreless motor and full metal gear gear set with ball race ...[learn more] £19.99
pTower Pro
MG958 Servo - Plastic Case Alloy Middle
Overview Specifications Overview MG958 is best choice if you ne...[learn more] £19.99
pTower Pro
9805MG Servo - Digital Double Ball Bearing Metal Gear Set
Tower Pro 9805MG Servo9805MG servo, Digital, Double ball-bearing, metal gear set...[learn more] £18.99
pTower Pro
MG996R Robot Servo 180° Rotation
Overview Features Specifications Overview MG996R is an upgraded ...[learn more] £12.99
pTower Pro
MG996R Robot Servo 360° Rotation
Overview Features Specifications Overview Digital metal gear ser...[learn more] £12.99
pTower Pro
MG995 Metal Gear Servo
Direct from the Tower Pro factory to here on ServoShop - ( please note if you s...[learn more] £10.99
pTower Pro
MG995R Digital Metal Gear Servo
Standard weight- 55.0g Dimension 40.7*19.7*42.9mm Stall torque 8.5kg.cm(4.8V...[learn more] £10.99
pTower Pro
MG92B Robot Servo 360° Rotation
Overview Features Specifications Overview MG92B Robot servo 360...[learn more] £10.99
pTower Pro
MG996R Digital Metal Gear Servo
This is one of the most popular of the Tower Pro servos Specifications Weigh...[learn more] £9.99
pTower Pro
MG946R Digital Servo
Overview MG946R Towerpro Digital Metal Servo 13KG High torque. It is upgraded ...[learn more] £9.99
pTower Pro
MG16R Digital Metal Gear Servo
Digital,Metal gear servo. Specification: Weight: 18.8g Dimension: 29×11.2x...[learn more] £8.99
pTower Pro
MG92B Digital Micro Servo
Overview You cannot find more valuable servo than MG92B ever! Small size but wit...[learn more] £7.99
pTower Pro
MG90 S Servo
This servo should need no introduction - based on the famous SG90 (but slightly ...[learn more] £7.99
pTower Pro
MG90D Robot Servo 360° Rotation
Overview Features Specifications Overview MG90D Robot servo 360...[learn more] £7.99
pTower Pro
SG5010 Digital Standard Servo
Overview SG5010 digital servo SG5010 is the best value of standard servo. Thi...[learn more] £7.49
pTower Pro
MG90D Digital Micro Servo
Overview New Digital 9g class Metal gear, double ball bearing servo. Excellent f...[learn more] £6.99
pTower Pro
SG51R Micro Digital Servo
Overview SG51R micro digital servo SG51R is a good choice for small profile pl...[learn more] £4.49
pTower Pro
SG90 360° Continuous Rotation Servo
Specifications Weight: 9g Operating Angle: 360 degree Dimension: 23×12.5x2...[learn more] £4.25
pTower Pro
SG92R Digital Micro Servo
Overview TowerPro 9g digital servo New version of SG92R. With Nylon Carbon fib...[learn more] £3.99
pTower Pro
SG90 Digital Micro Servo
Overview SG90 digital servo SG90 is the most popular 9g servo in the world, SG...[learn more] £3.30
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