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JP Mini Twister Sport 2.4GHz 4Ch RTF Heli Red

JP Ref 6600013 Mini Twister Sport 2.4GHz 4Ch RTF Helicopter
  • Precision single rotor Mini Heli with a PROPER 2.4GHz Tx & LCD display
  • R/C - 2.4GHz 4-channel LCD display Transmitter
  • Transmitter - 4-channel with digital trims & ergonomic dual side grips
  • Battery - 3.7V Lipo 150mAh
  • USB PC charge lead & spare parts included
  • Control - Beginner and Expert flight modes switch
  • Weight - around 30g - just over 1 ounce!
  • Flight duration - up to around 8 mins

The Ultimate 4 channel micro indoor/outdoor heli with Full control, state-of-the-art electronic gyro AND Beginner and Expert mode switch!

A superbly crafted, precision-engineered micro helicopter with a PROPER 4 channel TRANSMITTER! AND on 2.4GHz with a professional LCD display too!

No play-station-style transmitters here - With it's full-on LCD display and up-to-date REAL R/C ergonomics you can see immediately that this is the professional pilot's choice!! And you can fly with up to around 10 OTHER PILOTS!!

The Official JP Video

Note we are selling the heli at a discounted price. The RRP is price as shown in the video is higher

You will be amazed how easy this is to fly - with superb hovering stability yet with most satisfying forward speed and backwards flight, this microscopic miracle of modern miniaturisation will tickle the absolute newcomer AND titivate the grizzled expert too!

-And you wont have to carry a transmitter that looks like it's just escaped from a 6-year old's bedroom!

Fantastic hovering performance with real 4-function manoeuvrability PLUS a beginner and expert mode

The dual rate switch provides a low rate of control for smooth, easy beginner flying, whilst in expert mode you can slalom between the breakfast bowls or pylon race around your washing lines!

Forget the skydiving, paragliding and heli ski-ing, this is the most fun you can have with a couple of thumbs, 2 fingers and a chilled brain!

It's 2.4GHz so you can fly with ALL your friends together!

At last, you can really fly with your mates, fly obstacle courses together, race together, or if you're starting out with R/C helicopters - even train together. And as for the range - it's out of sight! Quite phenomenal!

Full featured professional ergonomic controls for ultimate performance - unique for a micro!

Digital transmitter trims, sculpted supportive side grips, stick operated flight mode switch, 7-8 minute flight times, impeccable state-of the-art electronic gyro for stunning tail stability!

The Tx even features flashing LCD display and warning flashing LED when transmitter batteries are low!

It really is the best-looking, best performing mini heli we've ever flown!

For value, for quality, for performance and for sheer FUN for all the family - it's got to be a Mini Twister Sport. Complete with USB charge lead, spare blades and Lipo battery. Just add 4AA pencells. We're convinced you too will find this to be the funnest, most professional micro heli you've ever laid hands on!

And with that smooth good-looking body (no, not you), flexible undies and underslung flybar, this is a tough, bounceable little monster too!


  • Professional Ergonomic 4-ch 2.4GHz transmitter with Digital Trims & LCD Flight Info Display
  • Single rotor underslung flybar with Bell Hiller mix for beginner/expert performance
  • Beginner & Advanced flight modes transmitter switch
  • Up to around 8 minute flight times
  • Tx low battery warning via flashing LCD and LED
  • Comprehensive LCD flight info display
  • 360 degree full 4-function flight control
  • Low Battery power protection system
  • Spares pack included
  • USB charge lead included
  • Fly indoors or outdoor (in light conditions)
  • Comprehensive range of spare parts available
  • The ideal introduction to R/C helis with both Beginner & Advanced flight modes!


  • Fuselage length - 202mm 8ins
  • Main rotor diameter - 190mm 7.5ins
  • Weight (inc battery) - around 30g - just over one measly ounce!
  • Everything included and ready to go except x4 AA transmitter batteries and PC/notebook computer for charging!
  • Suitable for ages 14+


£42.99 Each

Out of stock.
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