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Billings Gothenburg

BB432 Gothenburg

Gotheburg is a replica of a vessel, owned by The Swedish East India Company, formed in 1731 in Gothenburg. The Swedish East India Company was trading tea, porcelain and silk in China. On the homeward voyage from China one of the Company's ships foundered in 1745. When almost in its home-port, the ship ran aground on a well-known underwater rock. It rapidly took on water and sank.


  • Height: 51 cm
  • Length: 58 cm
  • Width: 22.5 cm
  • 1:100 scale

For the experienced builder - once you've built a few models, you'll probably find the sets in this category well within reach. Some of the more detailed work on these models, however, is left up to you.



£153.00 Each

Out of stock.
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