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Graupner Micro Bell 47G Heli MKI

The Graupner Bell 47 G is the easiest Helicopter type/design we have ever flown !

This is the Graupner version of the JP Twister Bell. The forward thinking easy to fly heli !

The co-axial rotors and ground braking design create a helicopter that for the first time ever, can be flown virtually anywhere by anyone with an interest in RC helicopters.

The model will almost hover by itself - hands off !

The Graupner Bell Micro 47g is ready to fly and requires only 8 AA alkaline transmitter batteries and a small screwdriver ( one screw to fit the fly bar !) The model comes with 12 volt charger and mains transformer ( The best of both worlds for charging - European Plug), this is the only major difference between the Twister and this model, apart from the different colour schemes ( see photos) .

The Micro Bell 47 g is designed for use indoors and outdoors -in calm conditions.Make sure you fly in a adequate and safe space. This electric helicopter is designed by experts and is assembled at the factory. It is very strong, with numerous innovative safety features - such as throttle power up fail safe, self diagnostic checks etc. The Micro Bell 47 G uses the highest quality drive, power and control systems.

New Low Price! on ServoShop!

Specifications :

Length - 375mm

Weight - 179g 6.3oz (without battery)

Rotor - Contra-rotating co-axial (340mm)

Battery & charger included - Li poly rechargeable

Flight duration - 10-15 minutes

Ready to fly scale heli with safe easy flying flight stability !

This is a complete package - everything you need apart from 8 AA Pencell Batteries.

Supplied on Mode II. Spare battery packs can be found in the spares list for this model. Just click the link below.

Click Here for Spare Parts for the Bell 47 G Twister, Graupner Bell and Twister Series

See MkII Listing - also available.

New Low Price January 2007!

HM Coastguard Sikorsky Body Shell for this model

Black Ghost Body Shell for this model

Black Shark Body Shell for this model

There are more bodies to fit this model in the spares section. Please take a look and add one to your order!

Got a Li Po Pack? You need one of these!


£99.99 Each

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