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Bob Smith Insta Set Accelerator 2fl /oz

The property of surfaces to be bonded has a direct effect on the speed at which the bond will cure. Low moisture and ph increase curing times. Accelerator is formulated to condition the join so that the CA will harden in less than ten seconds. It can be used to cure larger amounts of CA as found in lose joints and sets any excess that may squeeze out of a joint before it can cause problems dripping or sticking unexpected components, like fingers!

Insta-Set™ is a catalyst that accelerates the curing process by enhancing the alkaline levels during the polymerisation process. Applied from a spay bottle it is usually applied to harden the CA that flows from a joint, but it can also be applied to one of the surfaces to be bonded, the other carrying the CA will bond immediately the surfaces come into contact with each other.

Insta-Set is enhanced with a strawberry scent and activates CA in six to eight seconds. Unlike some accelerators it doesn’t degrade and reduce the strength of the CA and it is compatible with all surfaces including white foam and clear plastic.



£5.50 Each

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