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DelTang Rx65-22

2.4GHz receiver compatible with DSM2/DSMX including one integrated 3A reversable controller for brushed motors (ESC)

3-18v for 1-4S lipo, 1-5 life, 3-12 nicads, 1-2 PP3

Rx65 is intended for surface vehicles which require forward and reverse motor control. For brushed motors this is achieved with an H-Bridge. Motor outputs are abbreviated H1 and H2. These are often referred to as ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers). They have 256 step resolution in both directions (512 total). They control speed with PWM which by default is set to its fastest (quietest) 12kHz setting.

Each H output can handle up to 3A current. This is measured with motor stalled. The main constraint with current is heat in the receiver. Higher currents may be possible if heat sinks are added or PWM frequency is reduced to 200Hz. Rx65 has one integrated ESC (H1). A daughter board can provide a second (H2) which can be used independantly ('3A2' = 3A x2) or in parallel ('6A1' = 6A x1). How the outputs are used has to be set with programming (see below). Receivers are provided 'pre-programmed'. The default settings are shown on the instructions pages for each variant.

'Variants' are simply 'configurations'. Each variant is a different combination of settings to better match common needs. Although these are described as 'car/train/boat' any variant can be used for anything. All settings can be changed in a process called 'programming'. F1-F3 are programmed as P13-P15. 'D' is controlled with P5.

The receiver is built with 20v components and is rated for 3-18v operation. The version marked as being '9v' is made with the 18v specification but has a BEC installed. The BEC generates too much heat at high voltages so that version is recommended for use between 6-9v. It may be possible to use it above 9v but this depends on how much current the servo draws in regular use. A BEC is a Battery Eliminator Circuit used to power servos at 5v.

Settings for trains with separate controls for speed and direction (one control for throttle - centre off) and Selecta enabled (for use with Tx22).

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