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The Wings Maker Handyman Twins (Pre-assembled Combo) (Red)


Designed for full contact air combat.

"Pre-assembled Combo" comes with 2 factory installed Outrunner Motor KM28251025 on Radial Mount Adaptors with 8 x 4E Propellers, and 4 micro servos.

Flying tips for Handyman Twins:

  1. 2200 mAh battery works best for the plane, with the stock 8x4 prop each motor draws about 10A. If you want more speed, change to APC 8x6 prop, one puller and one pusher, each motor will draw about 13~14A.
  2. The propellers are pushing fast moving air over the wing and control surface, making the wing very efficient and excellent control even when the Twins is at low air speed, and the fast moving air somewhat seals the propeller slots. But once you shut off the motors, the benefit of the fast moving air over the wing surface is gone, and the two propeller slots allow air to flow from bottom to top of wing, reducing the lift. The result is that you can land the Twins more slowly with the propeller spinning than dead stick, which is very special characteristics for this wing/propeller design.

Building tips for Handyman Twins:

  1. Material is EPO, we can use ordinary CA to glue the stabilizer and rudder. For the stabilizer which is good fit, put it in and run CA along the joins will work. For the rudder, better with thick CA to fill the gaps, and finish with transparent boxing tape or residual decal sheet over the joins will do.
  2. Place the ESCs under the battery holder, which get cool air from the front inlet and away from the receiver.


Why twins?

  • Made of tough CA safe EPO foam.
  • Counter-rotating props offer full symmetry of airframe for better aerobatic performance.
  • Propellers shielded by wings, perfect for full contact air combats without worrying about losing your prop. during knock outs.
  • Pre-set motor thrust angle allows the Twins to stay in air with one functional motor only, that offers a 2nd chance during air combats to survive knockouts.
  • "Propeller wind" directly over all control surfaces offers exceptional zero air speed maneuvers.
  • Tail dragger landing gear.
  • Comes with all hardware for control surfaces and landing gear.
  • Blue, Red and Yellow colour schemes are available.
  • Decals are provided but not pre-applied, allowing for painting with appropriate paints and customization.


  • Wing Span: 36.5 in / 930 mm
  • Wing Area: 346 sq in / 22.3 sq dm
  • Flying Weight: 29 oz / 820g
  • Fuselage Length: 41.5 in / 1055 mm
  • Requires: 4-channel radio, 2 x 15A brushless ESC, 3 cells 11.1V 2200 mAH Li-Po battery & charger

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£169.99 Each

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