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Graupner MZ-10 5-Ch 2.4GHz HoTT Radio w/GR-12L Rx

Telemetry is the future, and the future is HoTT from Graupner/SJ with their fantastic new range of radios with fully integrated telemetry. HoTT is the fastest growing radio brand in Europe, due to its superior features using Graupner/SJ's unique 2.4GHz 'Hopping Telemetry Transmission' bi-directional protocol. HoTT radios use two-way communications to give ultra-fast high resolution control combined with live telemetry data direct from your model. Telemetry options include signal strength, altitude, airspeed, climb/sink (vario), fuel level, receiver battery voltage monitoring, individual Li-Po cell monitoring, engine temperature, RPM, GPS position and many more.

This is Graupner/SJ mz-10 HoTT 2.4GHz 5 CH transmitter. It is Graupner/SJ's unique telemetry technology in 2.4 GHz signal protocol that supports bi-directional data transmission and gives user real-time information. The use of up to 75 frequency-hopping channels ensures extreme operating reliability and immunity to external interference thanks to optimized frequency hopping broad channel sequence. Graupner/SJ mz-10 combines an easy-to-use design with the incredible control of Graupner/SJ HoTT technology that is an ideal choice for anyone who is new to RC as well as the avid modeller on a budget.

Comes with a GR12L 6-Ch receiver.


  • HoTT (HOPPING TELEMETRY TRANSMISSION) bi-directional 2.4GHz technology
  • The use of up to 75 frequency-hopping channels ensures extreme operating reliability and immunity to external interference.
  • Easy control high bright 8 LEDs
  • Warning and alarm function throughout HoTT smart box
  • Real-time data analysis with optional sensor (GPS, Fuel status, Temperature, Voltage, Current) and sensor board (General air module, General engine module)
  • Real-time telemetry analysis for Brushless Control telemetry ESC such as RPM, consumption current, voltage, ESC temperature, Warning throughout Optional Smart box
  • Advanced HoTT wireless trainer system
  • High-precision quad ball bearing gimbals (Total 8 ea) lead the smooth and comfortable stick feeling
  • Staying up to date with the latest Graupner/SJ Firmware
  • Multi binding receiver system, which allows 2 receivers to be connected in parallel to use additional servos
  • Dual rate function
  • 3 wing types (Delta wing, 2 Aileron, V-tail)


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 184 x 259 x 96 mm
  • Operating voltage: 3,4...6 V
  • Frequency: 2400...2483,5 MHz
  • All-up weight, approx.: 515 g
  • Modulation: FHSS
  • Range approx.: 4000 m
  • Control function: 5
  • Charging rate: 130 mA
  • Temperature range: -10...+55 °C
  • Aerial length: 120 mm


£89.99 Each

Out of stock.
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