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JP Helion Invictus 10MT 4x4 Monster Truck

Helion Invictus Monster Truck RTR Electric Truck


The Invictus 10MT Story

Here at Helion we work for our customers to deliver on a promise of performance and value never before seen in RC. We started with what our customers wanted, a Short Course Truck. We listened, and we delivered the Dominus 10SC which has been a huge success. Because of this success and the demand from our customers for ever-increasing performance, we gave you a brushless powered Truggy built on the Dominus platform with the Dominus 10TR. The passion you the customer has shown us has allowed our Helion product line to continue to grow every year.

Now we’re giving you something you’ve wanted but didn’t know to ask for. How did we do that? We did this by increasing the level of excitement, speed, and performance with the Invictus 10MT Monster Truck. With an unprecedented set of features, performance, and value, the Helion Invictus 10MT is the latest generation of 4x4 1/10th scale Monster Trucks. Our Helion R/C design engineers optimised the best components from the Dominus platform as well as improved upon all other aspects in the creation of the High Ground Clearance Monster Truck platform you see in this box. This truck was built for the latest generation of bashers and R/C enthusiasts. The use of rubber sealed and ball bearing supported steel gear differentials mated with a robust shaft based drive-train, reduces maintenance requirements all while improving efficiency and performance without compromising value. With no need for crystals that included 2.4GHz radio technology of the Invictus MT allows R/C bashers and enthusiasts to enjoy using their trucks alongside one another instead of worrying about conflicting frequencies or needing additional crystals. Now with a new 45A Radient Reaktor 3500kV waterproof brushless system and 1800mAh 8-Cell NiMH battery included, the Invictus MT is ready to impress with out of the box speeds topping 30mph!


Radient Reaktor Brushless System

The Invictus 10MT includes the Radient Reaktor 3500kV brushless motor and a new 45A Programmable waterproof ESC. The ESC allows you to use up to a 3s LiPo and includes thermal overload protection with low voltage cut-off to keep your system running in safe limits.

Waterproof Electronics

The Invictus utilises a waterproof ESC and 6kg Servo so you can bash in most conditions and keep on truckin’. The receiver is stored in an all new integrated water resistant box that retains easy access.

8.4v 1800mAh NiMH

The included 7 cell 1800mAh NiMH battery and wall charger coupled with the Reaktor brushless system are the perfect combo to get you started tearing up the terrain with your 10MT. Since the Reaktor System is upgradable to LiPo, your MT is ready for more power when you are.

HRS-3.1 2.4GHZ Radio System

Utilising one of the most advanced 2.4GHz radios on the basher market, the HRS-3.1 brings features to your hand that are typically found in high end radios! This product is not only user friendly, but also includes cutting-edge functions such as end point adjustment, dual rates, digital trims, servo reversing & easy binding.


  • Helion Invictus Monster Truck RTR Electric Truck
  • Scale - 1/10
  • Drivetrain - 4WD
  • Motor - Radient Reaktor Sensorless 3500kV 2PSS Brushless Motor
  • Chassis - Durable moulded high ground clearance chassis
  • Radio - 2.4Ghz 3-Channel w/ D/R, EPA, REV, FS, 6MM
  • Speed - 30+mph
  • Ball Bearings Throughout Drive-train


£170.99 Each

Out of stock.
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