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JP Micro Twister Ninja 3CH RTF C/Fibre Heli (M2)

JP Ref 6600011 Micro Twister Ninja 3CH RTF C/Fibre Heli (M2)
  • With micro gyro stabilisation in a choice of black or deep red cabin
  • Main rotor diameter -173mm (6.75ins)
  • Length - 190mm
  • Battery - 3.7V Lipo
  • Weight - approx 21g
  • Charge time - approx. 30 mins
  • Flight duration - around 10 minutes plus
  • Range - Up to 10 metres

Probably the World's most durable carbon fibre indoor helicopter!

A revolutionary BREAKTHROUGH in lightweight carbon design! It looks, sounds, flies and takes the knocks like you wouldn't believe. The perfect first R/C heli!

Superbly tough carbon fibre construction

It's true - the Micro Twister Ninja has CARBON FIBRE boom, flybar AND mainshaft - break those if you can! It's incredibly light! Around HALF the WEIGHT of the amazing Micro Twister Pro for AMAZING flight duration and performance!!

Virtually unbustable!

The secret to the Ninja's rugged unbustability lies in the use of masterly materials technology and advanced technical design. You would probably not believe some of the ludicrous scrapes our Ninja's have survived - only to carry on to fly another day!

The unique screw-free mechanics system reduces the chances of impact damage and removes the need for fiddly screws, nuts and bolts. The incredible strength blades and the body are screwed in place and although we've really, really tried hard to break them, we've failed miserably at this!

Real topline model appearance too!

With it's moulded fin and stabiliser, twin boom support kit and racy resilient undercarriage, the Ninja really looks the part and with all those lovely carbon parts fitted as standard, it packs so much more than the rest.

Superb smooth, quiet stable hovering

Flying the Ninja is as smooth whipped cream - you'll be amazed! And there's plenty of agile fun to be had when you've mastered Ninja-class hovering too! Beware the speed of the Ninja! The climb rate with such a light design as this is utterly OUTRAGEOUS! The most good-looking fun we've had in ages!

Outlandishly long 10 minute-plus flight times!

Thanks to the Ninja's incredible light-weight and superb built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery, flight times of greater than 10 minutes are a reality. Charge directly from the charge lead built into the transmitter.

Fly more than one at the same time!

With the selectable channel system you can fly with a friend or two and itís easy! Simply select a channel on the transmitter, A, B or C turn on the transmitter then turn on the Micro Twister Ninja helicopter, open and close the throttle and this will tell the Helicopter what channel to use and now you are ready to fly together!

Spare parts

The Ninja is very strong and included in the kit is a spares pack comprising of a pair of main rotor blades and two spare tail rotor blades, a spare flybar link and even a cross head screwdriver! If for any reason you should need more parts, donít worry, as we carry all spare parts as stock.


Charging is a breeze and couldnít be easier! Use the charging lead built into your transmitter

Requires x6 AA alkaline batteries

Just add 6 AA batteries, charge the built-in lithium polymer battery and you're ready to do battle with your Micro Twister carbon Ninja!


  • Breakthrough in advanced technical design
  • Revolutionary light 21 gram (2/3 ounce) weight!
  • Carbon fibre components for ultimate durability
  • Front LED spot light
  • Piezo gyro stabilisation system
  • Adjustable tail trim control
  • Lipo safety cutout to prevent overdischarge
  • ABC selectable channels (3 helicopters can fly at the same time)

Box contents:

  • 1 x Micro Twister Ninja Helicopter
  • 1 x 3 channel infrared transmitter
  • 2 x spare main rotors
  • 2 x spare tail rotors, 1 x flybar link
  • 1 x small screwdriver


£24.99 Each

Out of stock.
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