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JR RG1131BPU 11-Channel DMSS 2.4GHz DMSS Receiver


RG1131BPU 2.4GHz DMSS 11-Channel Receiver with support for dual batteries and high current loads.

Method of use and installation of receiver.

Remote Receivers: Telemetry signals are only sent through one receiver port (the centre port of the three). Be sure to connect the RA-01TL remote antenna to this port.

Antenna Installation and Handling: The RG1131BPU main unit does not include an internal receiver. Therefore all 3 remote receivers must be connected for correct functionality.

USB Port: Future software updates may become available from JR's Website.

Battery Installation.

It is possible to connect to either single or dual batteries to this receiver. When using dual batteries, the receiver will automatically select the battery which has the higher voltage. It is advisable that you use appropriate 2 cell Li-po batteries with the same capacity on each port. Note that this receiver does not contain an internal voltage regulator so only high voltage or wide voltage servos be connected directly to the receiver. When using conventional voltage servos, please use a voltage regulator between the receiver and servos.

Caution: Do not connect any battery with a voltage exceeding 9.0V as this will damage the receiver and Servos. Be certain to switch off after use.

Electronic Switch (Soft Switch).

This receiver utilises an electrical control switch, which turns on the receiver when the switch plug is removed. It is possible to extend the length of this switch from the receiver by using a servo extension harness. The switch can be placed in any desired location. Due to the characteristics of the electronic control switch, it consumes a very small amount of current even when the receiver is turned off. To avoid discharging the battery, it is recommended you disconnect the battery between flying sessions.


  • Dual power supply assures constant voltage to high current servos.
  • Deans Ultra plugs to connect high capacity batteries.
  • This high sensitivity receiver is not easily affected by inter-modulation interference.
  • The DMSS telemetry system is capable of feeding back information such as aircraft remaining battery power.
  • Receiver Operation can be confirmed by status LEDs.
  • Built in electric switch (soft switch) provides greater safety.


  • Dimensions: 14 x 39 x 52mm
  • Weight: 55g
  • USB Port
  • Remote Antenna: RA01TL x 1, RA01L x 2 equipped
  • Full Range Telemetry Module RA01TL
  • ESW Adapter (Electronic On/Off Switch)
  • Remote extension cable: 300mm (Two Cables)/450mm (One)
  • Rated Voltage: 7.4V
  • Operating Voltage: 6.0V - 8.5V


£143.99 Each

Out of stock.
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