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Multiplex Cockpit SX Action M-Link Tele Set 2.4GHz

Multiplex 25134 Cockpit SX Action M-Link “Telemetry” Set 2.4GHz

Includes transmitter with 1800NimH battery & 1 x RX-7 DR receiver

The COCKPIT SX is a very popular, proven seven-channel RC system intended for the ambitious beginner and demanding weekend pilot, and it is now available with the new MULTIPLEX 2.4 GHz M-LINK technology for even greater convenience and security.

Now available in a high gloss aggressive yellow/black finish!!

The new system includes all the product characteristics and features of the COCKPIT SX:

  • Seven fully proportional control channels
  • 18 model memories
  • Wide-ranging mixer and set-up facilities for fixed-wing models and helicopters
  • Two timers and separate transmitter operating timer
  • Generously sized, clearly arranged screen, carefully designed menu structure and 3-D digi-adjuster for ultra-simple operation.
  • Fully expanded as standard, including all controls and switches. Now with data feedback telemetry!!
  • Digital trims, specific to each flight phase
  • MULTIPLEX multi-function socket fitted as standard: transmitter battery charge socket, Trainer socket, PC interface for firmware updates, data management and simulator operation
  • Modern, ergonomically efficient case design

The new, additional advantages are as follows:

Integral M-LINK 2.4 GHz transmission technology

A menu is provided as an easy and convenient means of activating the special operating modes of Binding and Power Reduction (for range-checking). This eliminates the need to operate buttons which may be difficult to reach or use.

Feedback channel / Telemetry

If you use a receiver with telemetry facilities (min. RX-7-DR M-LINK or RX-9-DR MLINK), the actual voltage of the receiver power supply is displayed on the transmitter screen. If the voltage falls below a (variable) minimum value, an audible warning signal alerts you that your receiver battery is almost flat. This means that you are constantly aware of the state of the receiver battery, as well as the condition of the transmitter battery (as previously). An important extra safety feature!

Low latency, high resolution

The COCKPIT SX features an integral RF module. Unlike many other 2.4 GHz transmitters or retro-fit modular solutions, this means that the data does not have to be converted from conventional PPM or PCM format to the digital 2.4 GHz transmission format. The net result is that the system is capable of transmitting high-resolution, accurate control signals at very high speed. The COCKPIT SX M-LINK operates with a servo pulse rate of 14 ms and 12-bit resolution (3872 steps).



£249.99 Each

Out of stock.
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