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Multiplex 263003 RR Funcopter

The FunCopter "V2" is the perfect entry into flying model helicopter. For pilots with experience of COAX helis it is the next step. It forgives many mistakes and allows you to succeed quickly. It is the Easy Star of helicopters!

The FunCopter is speed controlled, i.e. "Climbing" and "sink" are controlled by the engine speed. The special direct drive - no gears between the main rotor and motor - has three important advantages:

  • High efficiency, resulting in long flight times
  • Small number of parts, which saves weight and repairs
  • Extremely quiet, pleasant running noise

The FunCopter "V2" is designed overall to meet the needs of beginners:

  • Largely crash proof blades are flexible and foldable
  • Easy to repair (simple design, few parts, a few screws)
  • Packing later becomes a handy carrying case
  • Good visibility with attractive full-hull very tough EPP
  • Strong-sized plastic parts
  • Flight time is approximately 15 minutes from 3S LiPo 3000 mAh, for long training periods
  • Spring-mounted, rugged landing gear
  • Fully assembled
  • Quick battery change
  • No special tools required

In version 2 of the FunCopter experiences from the first series have been incorporated, through which the model is still beginner-friendly:

  • Even easier to fly - by the revised auxiliary rotor (paddle) or more neutral handling characteristics
  • Even more robust - the new construction of the Tail rotor hub and shaft
  • More power - with the new more responsive motor the FunCopter "V2" is less sensitive to the voltage of the battery and provides more power reserves

Fully assembled model. Already built components: Motor Himax C 6310-0250, Tiny-S servos 3, MULTIcont BL-37/II speed and centrifugal MULTIgyro 300DP. Enclosed: multilingual, illustrated instructions and decal sheet.

Not included: receiver, transmitter, battery and charger.

M-LINK - Receiver Recommendation: RX-5 # 5 5817

Recommended battery: Li-BATT FX 3/1-3200 mAh # 15 7371


  • Rotor diameter: 708 mm
  • Overall length: 855 mm
  • Flight weight: approx 1250 g
  • Control Functions: yaw, elevator, aileron, motor speed


£295.00 Each

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