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OptiPower CellPro Multi4 Charger

Model LC04S04A-MC, for use with LiPo, Li-Ion, A123, NiCd, NiMH and Lead Acid battery packs Automatic and manual charge rates at up to 4A with overcharge protection and cell balancing (for packs with node connectors) QUICK FEATURES New in v1.55 firmware: Press and hold Mode button at power on (see page 7) of manual to..

  • Set current input limit to prevent charger from overstressing power supply.
  • Turn Auto Start on/off (off is factory default). With Auto Start on, simply connect battery to begin charging using selected preset. New in v1.58 firmware: Multi4 now fully supports charging two parallel-connected packs using two chargers. See page 11 of manual for details.
  • Simple to operate: just connect the Cellpro Multi4 Charger between a power source and a pack, select a pack-specific preset and start charging. No jumpers, plugs or dials to set! Charger automatically determines pack capacity and sets optimal current, then dynamically adjust charge rate as needed. Manual charge rates up to 4.0A allow for special situations.
  • Charges LiPo, Li-Ion, LiFePO4, A123, LiMn, NiCd, NiMH and Lead Acid chemistries (adapters for many node connector types are available from FMA Direct). Supports both balanced (depending on chemistry) and non-balanced charging (with certain safety limitations).
  • Charger holds up to 25 user configurable presets (User Presets), optimized for the different chemistries, providing charging strategies for most common RC charging needs. Charger also holds up to 50 Library Presets. When using the free Charge Control Software, the number of custom presets is virtually unlimited and will grow over time to meet industry needs. Replace and customize presets to match your battery inventory.
  • Charges Lithium (2s to 4s balanced charge, 1s to 2s unbalanced charge) and A123 packs (2s to 4s balanced, 1s to 5s unbalanced) in any capacity up to 32Ah. During balanced charging, each cell is charged independently, providing exceptional charging safety and elevating RC packs to the safety level of cell phones. Typical packs of up to 4Ah capacity charge in 50 minutes or less using charger's 2C Auto Current Mode.
  • Latest technology provides the ultimate in safety, even charges packs having hidden physical damage without danger of fire. A pack will not charge if individual cell voltages don't equal total pack voltage.
  • Cell balancing to 5mV and automatic overcharge protection assure longest pack life. Automatic temperature monitoring prevents pack overcharging at low ambient temperatures and charger damage at high ambient temperatures.
  • Backlit display lets you select presets, replace default presets from a library and shows charging data such as individual cell voltages, charge current, supply voltage, and amount of charge (mAh) put into pack. Plus, the unique Fuel display shows percent capacity in a pack.
  • Charge Control Software (CCS, a free download) allows you to customize, save and load presets (including charger data displays), and view real-time charging data and graphs. CCS also manages firmware updates to keep your charger operating smoothly.


£53.99 Each

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