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Super-Micro RX62HE-D (DSMX/2) Spektrum Compatible w/ 7A 2S B/Less ESC


Ma-RX62HE-D (DSMX/2) Futaba Compatible built-in 7A 2S Brushless ESC

Do you need an ultra micro receiver that functions on 2s/3s? If you do then this might be just the perfect one for you. The ESC is built-in to the board and can supply a blistering 7 amps on 2S and 5 amps on 3S.

The Ma-RX62HE-X series receivers were developed upon Ma-RX42E-X series receivers, with a built-in 7A/2S(5A/3S) brushless ESC and 6 independent servo ports on board. The RX62HE-X receiver can provide more power and more channels to work with larger and/or more complicated model aeroplanes.


  • Supports TELEM function (only advanced version)
  • 1.0mm 3P servo connectors

Double-aileron mode

  • Double-aileron mode is developed for those model aeroplanes using double ailerons. This function can simplify servo wiring and transmitter set up. Default is double-aileron mode, you can turn off double-aileron mode by shorting the P-port connectors, then AIL2 will be set as AUX2 output.

Auto Binding

  • As it is difficult to reach the binding button when the receiver has been installed inside the plane, we developed self-binding function, it works like this:
    • The receiver will enter binding mode automatically after powered and no signal for 15 seconds (slow flashing LED light turns to fast flashing), then complete the binding operation according to your transmitter binding manual.


  • Small size: 24.0 x 16.0 x 6.5mm(not including antenna)
  • Light weight: 1.85g(not including power cables and motor connectors)
  • Working voltage: 7.4 ~ 11.1V
  • Comes with a built-in 7A/2S or 5A/3S brushless ESC
  • Built-in DCDC buck circuit(2.2A/3.9V)
  • Supports double-aileron mode(reversed)
  • Optimized binding process(DSMX/2)

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