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Graupner MZ-32 HoTT 32 Channels


The mz-32 is centred around you!

The Graupner mz-32 is our third generation telemetry radio system that advances RC radios to a level never seen before. With its rich set of hardware and software features, the mz-32 is introducing a new level of functionality where you, the user, can control almost any part of the radio.

With the mz-32 you are in control!

The mz-32 brings you the power to design your own screens, program your own control logic, filter your own voice notifications and even design the look of your radio.

Flexibility and configurability are the hallmarks of the Graupner mz-32!

With the mz-32 you fly smoother and beyond!

The Graupner mz-32 is the first radio on the market that provides full 32 channel functions right out of the box! It supports five different model types such as electric, gas or turbine aeroplanes, helicopters, multi-rotor, cars and even boats.

It can store and load up to 999 different user models, has 12 flight-phases and 16 curve mixers which can be set global or flight-phase dependent! The hall sensor 4096 resolution quad bearing gimbals provide the smoothest control feel a pilot can experience. The gimbals can weather almost any field conditions and offer easy back-access for adjustment to fine-tune the stick tension the way you like.

The mz-32 has a dual 2.4GHz redundant RF system driving a polarized patch antenna for unmatched signal quality and extended range. The included 9000mAh LiPo battery will provide more than 10 hours of operating time, which makes a long day at the field both possible and fun!

The mz-32 adapts to you!

The outdoor friendly 4.3-inch state of the art TFT colour touch-screen ensures convenient access to all the mz-32 functions for setting up and managing your models.

The highly optimized and fast performing graphical user interface is driven by a high-performance processor making access to menus and functions fast and crisp just like on your Smartphone.

The intuitive touch and tap control makes navigation around the menus fast, easy and fun.

Designing your own screen layouts to display information or create menu shortcuts can be done on the fly by simply tapping on the screen.

The mz-32 provides over hundred widgets which make up the screens that you like and fit your style for controlling your models.

You can create in total six screens that better fit your needs and personal style using the tip of your finger. No programming needed! You can do it all with the mz-32

One radio for all, German, English, French and Italian language is supported with more languages to come all in one radio!

More channels more control for you!

With 32 channels the mz-32 provides unlimited functionality and control over any model that you have. You can bind up to four 2.4GHz receivers so you can layout and distribute the channels the way you want.

For example, you can have two six-channel receivers for each wing from where you can control ailerons, flaps, landing gear, and lights. Just supply main power to the wing, and you are ready to go.

No complicated wiring or expensive hubs needed! This provides you with a level of simplicity with the benefits of RF redundancy unseen before in the industry.

Still need more channels but do not have enough switches to do what you want? The mz-32 now also provides up to 64 digital switches that can be assigned and controlled from the widget menu with a simple tap. Create as many digital switch combinations as you like for turning lights and smoke on or off, turn cranes or water guns or anything else that you need to control without using up your switches.

Switching and control options are further enhanced with Logical Switches (And, Or, Equal, Not), Control Switches, and Combination Switches. Each provides a new level of control to you depending on switch position or stick location.

You determine how you like to name each of them.

Voices that you want to hear!

Need to hear what is going on? The mz-32 provides endless options to generate almost any type of system or telemetry voice notification depending on the state of your radio such as switch positions, flight phase names, warnings, vario information and endless others.

The mz-32 starts communicating with you from the moment you turn it on, informing you if a switch or control is in the wrong position for the selected model. No more surprises from collapsing landing gear, runaway motors or wrong gyro settings. The mz-32 can inform you when needed even when you forgot to bring down your landing gear or are about to run out of range or battery.

Walks of shame are now a thing of the past!

With over 600 installed voices, you can make almost any combination of voice announcements or add as many as you want using our text to speech editor.

Help when you need it!

In need of help during setup or when something is unclear? Forget about searching through lengthy manuals or endless web searches! The mz-32 provides support right where you need. Each menu and option has its own context-sensitive answers right on the screen. Just tap the question mark and you will be instantly presented with help and assistance.

Donít like our help screens? Make or add your own help screens with whatever makes sense to you. The mz-32 is there for you allowing you to do and have the things you like the most.

Connectivity that takes you further!

With integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi the mz-32 is ready to connect you with the rest of the world! Use your Bluetooth headset to hear voice alerts or music from the built-in music player. Itís your choice!

Connect to your wireless LAN to receive notifications about newly released firmware that are instantly downloaded and installed on your radio. Your mz-32 is always up to date with the latest and greatest! The update can also be done by using the included USB cable and the latest firmware which you can always find on our website.

Graupner takes connectivity further with a micro USB port that can charge your radio, access your included 16GB micro SD memory card where screens, models, voice files, music and screen shots are stored.

You can use the USB or DSC port also as a joystick controller for games and flight simulators. Now you can practice flying your model on your favourite flight simulator with the same radio that you use at the field!

The data port on the back can be configured to output a variety of digital signal outputs like SUMD, CROSSFIRE, Smart Box, and more. Adding and using third-party modules such as long-range FPV has never been easier than with the mz-32.

All Graupner HoTT receivers now also support digital single wire output such as PPM, SUMD, and SBUS for more connectivity and better interoperability.

The built-in file manager lets you manage things like voice files, screen-shots, and more from wherever you are!

Wireless set-up for your controllers

Computers, wires, and programming boxes are things of the past! The mz-32 HoTT wireless protocol lets you do everything right on the radio! Need to set up your telemetry, flight controller or reverse the direction of your telemetry ESC or flight controller? Just use the shortcut key on the radio to access any of the receiver connected devices, and you are immediately in business. Do this at home while setting up your model or at the field to fine-tune your settings.

Enjoy the HoTT integration of third-party flight controllers and sensors like Ikon, Spirit, 3Digi, MSH-Brain, and many more for easy access using only your mz-32 radio. Each of Graupnerís HoTT receivers provides this functionality, and there is no need to purchase anything else to use these convenient features.

Telemetry to inform you

When it comes to telemetry, Graupner is king, and the mz-32 has all that is needed to keep you informed! Each Graupner receiver provides real-time voice alerts about signal quality, receiver voltage, and temperatures. Additional modules keep you informed about your battery voltage, battery left, altitude, speed, and much more!

The mz-32 allows you to set up almost any type of telemetry conditions alerting you when needed during all phases of the flight and eliminate costly and dangerous surprises. The active flight data logging is stored on the SD card for later review or can be viewed in real-time on a connected computer.

All the telemetry data output can be displayed on one of the six decks, enabling you to design your telemetry layout just the way you like it using the widget editor.

Train your buddies

Training your family members or friends is as easy as bind and teach! The mz-32 provides a wireless and wired trainer option that can be used with any of our HoTT radios using the DSC port in the back. You can assign control to any of the active channels depending on your studentís level and model capabilities. Passing control is easily done with a flick of a switch.

Easy to hold easy to use

Ergonomics is key for a comfortable feel, and the mz-32 is designed with you, the pilot, in mind. The ultra-smooth and height adjustable gimbals enable precise control during all flight phases.

Switch length and spacing have been engineered for easy and comfortable operation during flight. For those who need extra control, we provide optional sticks with switches or buttons.

The mz-32 provides comfortable rubber holding grips that further enhance your feeling of control. The mz-32 can be further enhanced with different coloured faceplates that better reflect your taste and style.

The mz-32 has in total 8 switches, 4 knobs, 2 lever controls, and 8 user-assignable digital buttons.



  • Hall Sensor quad bearing gimbals with 4096 resolutions for smooth and precise control
  • Outdoor friendly 4.3-inch TFT colour and touch screen
  • Redundant dual 2.4GHz RF modules
  • Circular polarized patch antenna with adjustable beam angle
  • 9000 mAh LiHV rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours and more of operation
  • Micro-USB port for charging, data communication, joystick function or mass storage
  • Externally adjustable stick tension and mode selection
  • Internal μSD 16 Gb memory card
  • Built in Wireless and Bluetooth communication
  • DSC socket for external communications (wired buddy box, flight simulators, other)
  • Wireless student teacher operation
  • Wireless firmware update
  • Integrated speaker for voice output and telemetry notifications
  • User configurable DSC and data ports (SUMD, CROSSFIRE and others)
  • User assignable haptic feedback5 x 3 position switches, 2 x 3 position/toggle switches, 1 x 2 position switch, 4 proportional knobs, 2 x lever controls, 8 user assignable digital buttons6 speed control and navigation keys


  • 32 proportional channels
  • 999 Model memory
  • 4 Receiver binding 10ms or 20ms frame rate
  • Model, group or global binding modes
  • Model types: Aeroplane, Helicopter, Multi-rotor, Vehicle, Boat12 selectable flight modes
  • 8 wing types, 6 delta wing types, 3 tail types
  • Multi engine control (4)6 user designable widgets dashboards (model specific or global)
  • Context sensitive help text
  • Text to speech with VDF editor
  • Servo balancer & synchronization
  • 8 phase dependent assignable trim settings and 5 trim types
  • 6 phase dependent configurable timers (Start/Stop, Lap, Lap Trigger, Lap Toggle)
  • 8 phase dependent quad rate and expo settings
  • 16 phase dependent multi point user mixers
  • 8 dual differential mixers
  • 3 channel sequencers
  • 3 channel ring limiters
  • 64 user assignable digital switches
  • 12 assignable combination switches
  • 12 assignable logical switches
  • 12 assignable control switches
  • 4 snap roll mixes
  • 8 wing and tail mixers and crow/butterfly function
  • 9 user assignable and configurable system voice notifications
  • 24 user assignable and configurable user voice notifications
  • 8 user assignable and configurable control voice notifications
  • 8 user assignable and configurable voice notifications
  • Dedicated vario and control menu with dead zone control
  • Wireless set-up of receivers, telemetry and flight controllers
  • User configurable MP3 player
  • Integrated file manager

The Set contains:

  • Radio Control mz-32
  • Transmitter stand
  • USB charging cable
  • USB update adapter for receiver and sensor updates
  • LiHV battery 9000mAh
  • Transmitter strap
  • Aluminium case
  • Manuals in German, English, French and Italian


  • Dimensions [LxWxH in mm]: 210 x 195 x 90
  • Operating voltage neutral [V]: 3,6 - 4,35
  • Width [mm]: 195
  • Display: Yes
  • Frequency: 2400 - 2483.5 MHz
  • All-up weight [g]: 1120
  • Height [mm]: 105
  • HoTT - Technology: Yes
  • Channels: 32
  • Overall length [mm]: 210
  • Modulation: FHSS
  • Range approx. [m]: 5000
  • Transmitter series: mz
  • Transmitter type: Hand
  • Language variant: DE / GB
  • Control function: 32
  • Current consumption [mA]: 480 - 1100
  • Temperature range [įC] : -10 - +55
  • Touch Display: Yes

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£849.99 Each

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