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Traxxas Aton Quadcopter


Meet Aton, Your Personal Video Assistant

Aton™ is your personal video assistant that captures stunning aerial footage in a way that is easy and fun, without the need for any specialized skill or experience. Aton is sporty and smart, practically flying itself with auto take off and simple, intuitive directional control. You simply direct Aton towards your subject and Aton becomes the steady hand in the sky that captures the moment from exciting new vantage points. Press a button, and Aton quickly returns to home and lands automatically.

Three Modes. One Is Just Right For You

Photographer, fun flyer, or skilled trick master, Aton has a mode for everything you want to accomplish.

Aton excels at capturing beautiful video and images with easy to use control that makes getting the shot virtually effortless. No previous experience with flight or radio control is needed.


  • Easy-to-use. No flight experience required
  • Easily capture stunning photos and video with your GoPro® or other action camera (not included)
  • No complicated setup or calibration is needed.
  • Engineered for less noise and quieter operation.
  • Auto take off and return to home


Aton uses OSS (open source software) components from the Dronecode project (Dronecode.org) as part of its overall flight system. Compatible open source portions of Aton's flight system can be found on the Traxxas Github page. A USB connection can be found under Aton's canopy. If you are a developer, Aton offers tremendous performance potential in a rugged, fun-to-fly platform.


Mission Planner is an open source ground station application that is compatible with the Dronecode portions of Aton's flight system. Currently supported Mission Planner features include viewing log files for analysis and plotting logged missions onto satellite maps. You can also convert your Aton log files for viewing 3D virtual missions in Google Earth. Using these features requires the user to insert a high-quality MicroSD card (sold separately).


Achieving the best possible video output often requires using software to edit and enhance the video. Software is useful for editing your clips, cropping, enhancing color and sharpness, and applying special effects. Listed below are widely available editing programs with digital stabilization capabilities. While all footage can benefit from some stabilization, it is especially useful when the camera is attached to the fixed mount.


There are many fun things to do with and learn about Aton. Keep up to date by visiting our blog where we will be showing you how to get the best performance from Aton and keep you informed on what is coming next.


Traxxas Flight Link transforms your Apple iOS® or Android™ device into a powerful tool that equips Aton with an intuitive, high-definition, full-color graphical user interface.

  • Check Flight Ready Status
    • Check battery levels and verify GPS and radio connections
  • Adjust Film Mode Speed
    • Fine-tune your settings by simply touching and dragging the sliders on the screen
  • Navigate the Transmitter Menu Tree
    • Easily navigate the transmitter settings with a full-color graphical user interface
  • Adjust LED Settings
    • Turn the LEDs on or off from your smart phone
  • Adjust Rates
    • Tune how fast and responsive Aton is in Sport and Expert modes
  • Set the Geofence Radius
    • Designate virtual boundaries for Aton
  • Set the Flight Ceiling (Max altitude)
    • Set a vertical flight limit
  • Monitor Battery Status
    • See how much charge is left in your battery
  • Coming Early 2016:
    • FPV Framing View
    • 3-Axis Gimbal Control
    • Headless Mode Operation


  • Blade Circle: 22.83" (580mm)
  • Rotor Diameter: 8.27" (210mm)
  • Rotor Center Distance Diagonal: 14.57" (370mm)
  • Rotor Hub Distance Vertical: 10.30" (262mm)
  • Width: 18.57" (472mm)
  • Overall Height: 3.70" (94mm)
  • Overall Height with Landing Gear: 8.57" (218mm)
  • Ground Clearance: 0.11" (3mm)
  • Ground Clearance with Landing Gear: 4.87" (124mm)
  • Overall Flight Weight (with Battery): 30.33 oz (860g)
  • Flight System: Auto-Leveling Six-Axis
  • Radio System: 2.4GHz 6-channel Multi-mode
  • Main Frame Structure/Material: Moulded Composite
  • Battery Type: 3-Cell Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
  • Battery Voltage: 11.1V
  • Battery Discharge Rating: 20C
  • AC Battery Charger Rate: 3.0A
  • Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless Outrunner
  • Skill Level: 1
AtonAton Plus
Camera Mount:Fixed2-axis Gimbal
Battery Capacity:3000 mAh5000 mAh
Flight Time w/o Camera:18-20 minutes*25-28 minutes*
Flight Time w/ GoPro HERO 4 Camera:  13-15 minutes*  20-25 minutes*

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