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Trumpeter HMS Hood 1/350

Considered the most handsome ship of the between the wars period - The HMS Hood is now more famous for her loss to the German battleship Bismarck on 24 May 1941. When originally designed in 1915, she was to be the epitomy of the battlecruiser genre, however events at Jutland led to design changes that delayed her completion until 1920. Even then vertical protection was stll inadequate as future events were to show.

During the 1920s and '30s Hood was used to show the flag around the world and came to symbolize the might of the Royal Navy. Witht he declaration of war in September 1939, Hood was found serving as the flagship of the Home Fleet's Battlecruiser Squadron. She went for her final refit between March-May 1940, upon completion of which she became the flagship of Force 'H' based at Gibraltar, by August she was once again wearing the flag of the Home Fleet's Battlecruiser Sqn, where she remained until that fateful day in May 1941

The Kit

The box measures 31 x10x3 and reveals the contents (533 pieces according to the boxtop) quite securely packaged within. The hull was wrapped with a foam sheet, while the various sprues are packaged two to a bag and in two further sections of the main box

The main deck is in four pieces, all of which have finely engraved planking with commendably thin splinter shields around the various gun positions

The instructions are in a 20 page booklet divided into 19 steps. Each step is shown with the usual exploded view drawing

A full colour drawings is included showing both sides and the plan view of the ship, decals are included with various ensigns and a small PE sheet with ladders, radar and yardarm complete the package

For those wondering about the lack of an aircraft? The Hood was one of the few major warships not to carry one. She originally carried flying off platforms on B and X turrets, these were replaced in her 1929-31 refit by a quarterdeck catapult, however this was difficult to use in anything but calm weather and was soon deleted as well

You may wonder what this is doing listed on an RC specialist web site quite simply this model can convert to RC IF you know how to fit out an RC model. The kit is NOT and RC kit and so if you wished to do this, you would need additional parts. If you built it as a static kit it makes an impressive dust collector on the shelf by the T.V

We have no instructions of the way to convert it to RC, we just know it can be done!

This model is delivered by Carrier - well packed to prevent damage to the model kit - NOW ON SALE Subject to stocks - if making a special journey to collect in person we recommend you call the Steve Webb Models Shop on 01928 735225 to check the item is available


£106.99 Each

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