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The Wings Maker Panther S Pre-Assembled Combo

Nigel Hawes from RCM&E - ‘Probably one of the best value EDF sport models on the market today’


This is a superb model, that is easy to fly and launch. Being a delta it's easy to fly slowly, but equally at home when you open the taps.

A full power dive is great fun, as it goes like the proverbial bat out of hell when you want it to. You will need to switch to 'low rates' on such occasions, as it can be a little twitchy at really high speed.Can be hand launched or use the included dolly (though you may want to put some bigger wheels on if flying off grass)

The manufacturer recommends using a 30 Amp ESC, however the motor/fan can draw in excess of 37 Amps with a good battery, so we recommend using a 40 to 50 Amp ESC.

The manufacturer recommends using epoxy glue to put this kit together. However from our own experience we did not find epoxy the best type of glue for EPO and we recommend a cyano glue such as Bob Smiths Super Gold or Gold Cyno or Multiplex Zacki adhesive. Many standard forms of Cyno adhesives can also be used, but we always advise testing unknown glues on scrap foam before committing them to use.


  • 'Pre-assembled Combo Version' comes with the launching pad, factory installed Brushless Outrunner Motor 28/31 (KM0283110), Ducted Fan Propulsion Unit (PL6800010) and 2 Micro Servos (SV2032).
  • The Wings Maker's electric jet series.
  • Hot aerobatics at high speed and relaxing flying at low speed.
  • Lightweight and strong EPO foam provides structural strength and rigidity.


  • Code No. : GM032SP
  • Wing Span : 33 in / 850 mm
  • Wing Area : 299 sq in / 19.3 sq dm
  • Flying Weight : 24 oz / 680 g
  • Fuselage Length : 26.5 in / 675 mm
  • Requires : 3-channel "mixing radio" (elevator and aileron), 40A (burst 50A) brushless ESC and 3 cells 11.1V 20C 2100mAh battery and charger


£109.99 Each

Out of stock.
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